Anatomic Pathology: Pediatric and Placental Pathology

• In Di George’s syndrome(DGS), there is also a deficiency of parathyroid hormones that gives rise to hypocalcemia, often severe enough to cause tetany and seizures.

• Most of the anomalies in DGS involve cardiac anomalies, abnormal facies, thymic aplasia, cleft palate, and hypocalcemia/hypoparathyroidism (CATCH-22; the 22 is for the abnormal chromosome). Individual features vary widely, even among families.

• DGS includes velo-cardiofacial syndrome, Schprintzen syndrome, and conotruncal anomaly face syndrome among others.

• Prevalence is about 1 in 4,000.

• The genes that contribute to the phenotype have not yet been identified.

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